China’s Mold Production Increased Approximately 17% in the Last Eight Months

According to statistics, from January to August 2013, China produced a total of plastic mold 11,488,000 sets, an increase of 17.67%. In August, China produced plastic molds 1,477,100 sets, an increase of 5.7%. Mold production is expected to be more than 18 million sets, with an average monthly production is estimated at 1.5 million sets.

According to Chinese customs statistics, in 2012 the total imports and exports of mold value $ 6.215 billion, an increase of 24.06%. In the first half of 2013, total imports and exports of $ 3.187 billion last year, an increase of 11.42%. Where total imports $ 1.218 billion, an increase of 4.87%; exports amounted to $ 1.969 billion, an increase of 15.89%. Export and import growth have a more substantial decline.
It is understood that the scale of China’s mold industry is after Japan and the United States, the total annual industrial output is nearly 200 billion Yuan. Driven by mold industry actively explore new markets while traditional markets steady progress, under the development in various fields LED lighting and display, rail transportation, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace, automotive lightweight, rail transportation, the level of China’s mold industry significantly improved, these factors make remarkable marketing, the plastic mold has been exported to 188 countries and regions

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