3D Printing Will Not Impact China Traditional Manufacturing

It is reported by Bloomberg dated on Spe.26th that 3D printing is gradually becoming a hot trend in the global customized commodity market. China, as the world’s traditional manufacturing giant, where it goes becomes the topic of discussion. Scott Crump, the Father of 3D printing, believes that China’s traditional manufacturing batch-style will not get hit, at least not now. In his view, China may become a strong contender to the United States in the field in future.

Reports said 3D printing is available through the layering adhesive printing material, and finally form a complete three-dimensional object. Whether aerospace engineer, or the ordinary amateur, stay at home to create their own personalized custom items. Currently 3D printing has been used in the production of toys, artificial limbs and even aircraft engine parts.
However, for the 3D printing technology, the parties mixed. It is reported that Hon Hai Chairmen Terry Guo said 3D printing is just a “gimmick”. The co-founder and chairmen of U.S. Stratasys, Scott Crump, Father of 3D Printing, though not agree with their negative evaluation, but he did not think Chinese-style traditional manufacturing will not be in the impact of 3D printing, at least not now.
It is reported U.S. Stratasys is bullish on the Chinese market with good reasons. A quarter of sales are from Asia region, with China shares is rising rapidly. In 2012, Stratasys has turnover of $3.59 billion (RMB 21.97 billion).
Previously, at the 3D printing conference hold in California, Crump said 3D printing development does not mean that China and South Korea and other regions of bulk manufacturing recession, the opposite maybe the whole world will benefit from a slice, China is also likely to become a strong competitor.


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