China Mold Industrial Already Get the Third Position in The World

Development of mould industry in our country, increasing people’s attention and concern day by day, in the electronic, automobile, motor, electrical, instruments, meters, household appliances and communication products, 60% ~ 80% of the components relies on molding. It is understood that the manufacturing production base accelerate to shift to China recent years, China’s manufacturing industry rapid expansion lead to mould industry quick development .

Although the total mould production in China is the third largest in the world, but the design and manufacturing level is outmoded than Germany, US and other countries in general, and in the international competition market, China’s mold industry competitiveness is not strong due to the lack of autonomous brand, it makes go against to develop China mold enterprise in the global economy market .The inside says , the main problems that China mould industry have to face is to promote the competitiveness of the mould manufacturing enterprises ,and construction of independent brand .

According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 2000 mechanical hardware mold sales and service in guangdong province at present, but only two or three with independent brand enterprises. The inside points out, because of the lack of its own brand, each worker creates mold production value per year is about $10000 in China, but the mold industry in developed countries are mostly $150000 to $200000, or $250000 ~ 300000 per person. In general, most of the domestic mould manufacturing enterprise development capability is not strong ,has no brand, all these result in the poor economic benefit, and often in a passive position in the market.

To enhance their competitive strength, build their own brands, mould industry should continuously enhance their technical level, at the same time, make full use of the mobile Internet to shape good corporate brand image, so as to realize the aim of improve enterprise competition of soft power

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